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Golden-Ager Students:

Students who are 60 years of age or older at the time of registration do not pay tuition. However, all applicable fees are payable and are subject to the refund policy. This waiver is limited to regular semester credit courses, excluding business, industry, and community service classes, and applies only if the class has sufficient enrollment and space is available. To apply for Golden-Ager admission, complete the admission process. Golden-Ager students must submit the following credentials before registering:

  1. A formal application for admission.
  2. American College Test (ACT) Student Profile Report or SAT or ASSET or COMPASS Test scores. (In accordance with state law, test scores are required for placement in math, English, and reading.)
  3. An official high school transcript that includes the date of graduation* or results of the General Education Development test (GED) and official transcripts from previous colleges or universities.

Note: Golden-Ager student registration is scheduled for the final day of open registration. Only classes with available space will be open for Golden-Ager enrollment.

For questions about Golden-Ager opportunities contact Deborah Shaw at (870) 508-6129 or