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Fall 2016 "Chancellor's List" and "Vice Chancellor's List" for Arkansas State University-Mountain Home

The following students were named to the Fall 2016 "Chancellor's List" and "Vice Chancellor's List" for Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (ASUMH).

Chancellor's List: Cheyenne Acklin, Paige Allen, Alysa Anderson, Austin Apple, Gabriel Apple, Kristin Baergen, Thomas Barnes, Jonathan Belt, Jordan Bird, Chris Bogowith, Joseph Bogowith, Brett Bosworth, April Bowgen, Tetiana Bunch, Jenna Burns, Tammy Callantine, Quinn Carson, Valerie Collins, Kelly Connelly, Mason Conner, Deborah Cook, Monica Cook, James Cox, Megan Crouch, Ruth Davis, Linda Duren, Macllain Edington, Rorytristan Evans, Laura Ewry, James Foster, Nicole Foster, Elesha Granniss, James Grube, Tina Havner, Tristen Hobbs, Steven Holtz, Micaela Horn, Anna Huckaba, Jesse Hurley, Austin Jacobelli, Andrew Jefferson, Lacie Jennings, Robin Johnson, Joshua Jones, Alexis Keller, Lacey Kelley, Tyler Kilgore, Brenda Lawrence, Robert Lee, Kodi Lewis, Brad Majors, Amber McGinnis, Joshua Nelson, Megan Nelson, Margaret Nowakowski, Rebekah Oliger, Jace Osgood, Ariona Pennington, Blake Poush, Joseph Reed, Cheri Roberson, Shelly Ross, Alexander Ruegsegger, Emily Rushing, Patrick Sanders, Racheal Sandoval, Charleen Sanford, Therese Sigafus, Tanya Simmons, Andrew Smith, Michael Smith, Sabrina Smith, Adam St. Laurent, Seth Stapleton, Shelbie Thrasher, Jesse Tipton, Justin Turner, Anna Waddell, Sydney Wendfeldt, Michael White, Paige Williams, Brian Wills, Christen Winslow, Bryan Wojcik, April Woods, Amanda Worman, Heather Worth, Olivia Yearwood.

Vice Chancellor's List: Cassandra Aguiar, Jamie Almond, Joel Andersland, Breelyn Arms, Jacob Barnett, Nash Bentley, Jeffery Bourg, Daniel Brown, Joshua Browning, Amanda Burns, Amanda Cain, Ashley Cain, Stephanie Chandler, Elizabeth Cobb, Desiree Cole, Mary Davis, Jeremy Devors, Hanna Douget, Christian Duffy, Makensey Earwood, Justin Easley, Lindsay Fiedorowicz, Makayla Fischer, Shelby Fischer, Jennifer Garner, Karlee Gavin, Eric Gonzales, Kaitlin Graves, Kaysen Gregory, Courtney Hall, Amber Hamblen, Martina Hershberger, Evan Hestley, Jesse Hibbs, Jason Hickman, Christal Hiler, Costin Hoffmann, Douglas Ifland, Casey Johnson, Coreana Keefer, Shelby Kelley, Heather Kelso, Caleb Kruse, Madison Lance, Jessica Leach, Justin Liddle, Madison Lynch, Chainey Macak, Sandra Merkling, Casey Morgan, Morgan Ochs, Gary Pearman, Melissa Penn, Margaret Phillips, Hope Pierce, Scott Porter, Colleen Queary, Cheryl Rak, Kirsten Riley, Andrea Roberts, Robert Rodgers, Dominique Rogers, Mikaela Runion, Samuel Ruszczynski, Hunter Ryan, Casey Shaw, Shannon Sherrill, Caleb Smith, Andrew Stevens, Jeffery Stinson, Carolyn Thomason, Cashmir Thompson, Charles Thompson, Les Toothaker, Melissa Weaver, Tyler Williams, Kaci Witter, Nathaniel Young, Matthew Zipperer.

According to the Office of the Registrar at ASUMH, students must have a 4.0 grade point average to qualify for the "Chancellor's List" and between 3.60 and 3.99 for the "Vice Chancellor's List." In addition, students must have completed 12 credit hours of college-level course work. If a student has 15 or more credit hours of college-level course work and took a remedial math class or college preparatory class then the student would still be eligible for the "Chancellor's List" or "Vice Chancellor's List."

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