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Novel Coronavirus

The attached document includes plans for a safe return to the ASUMH Campus.  Please refer to this document when you have questions, or contact Dr. Julia Gist at jgist@asumh.edu for more information:  ASUMH Return to Campus Plan

Please make sure your cell phone is current on your RAVE alert system account. Do not believe rumors or any statements about outbreaks or class cancellations that are not direct from:

  • the ASU-Mountain Home main website, asumh.edu
  • the official university social media, Facebook and Twitter
  • by official email to your ASUMH account; or
  • by direct text message from ASUMH.


ASUMH has signed a Certification and Agreement with the U.S. Department of Education to distribute 50 percent of funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the Federal CARES Act as Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students. Pursuant to the signed agreement, ASUMH has received $529,785.00 for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students. On May 11, 2020, ASUMH delivered $423,145.00 to students enrolled in Spring 2020 semester. Based upon guidance at the time, ASUMH delivered Emergency Financial Aid Grant funds to 626 students who were determined eligible to receive the funds. 

Intent for In-Person Fall Classes

LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas State University System’s six current institutions, as well as future member Henderson State University, intend to return to in-person classes on campuses this fall as part of the Covid-19 pandemic recovery, President Chuck Welch announced today.

Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the Arkansas Department of Health will be used to formulate all plans in the coming weeks with a focus on maximum health and safety measures for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.  The plans will include reopening residence halls at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas State University-Beebe and Henderson State, Welch said.

“Our chancellors and their response teams have done a tremendous job guiding our employees and students through this difficult time,” Welch said. “Students have made clear they are eager to return to campus and their traditional classes. We want to move in that direction carefully with a focus on keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible.”

Federal and state guidelines are expected to evolve over the next few months, Welch said, so he has asked the institutions to consider multiple scenarios and plan to be flexible regarding local needs and situations.

“Safety measures for fall classes that we develop in the next few weeks may be very different by August,” Welch said. “We don’t want to rush with a definitive plan now knowing state and federal guidelines are being changed in phases. While we can’t realistically expect complete campus normalcy this fall, we will make every effort to ensure our students have the best possible experiences on campus under the difficult circumstances.”

Each ASU System institution has a Covid-19 website page with information regarding campus updates on various topics, summer classes, commencement and other issues. They can be found at:
• ASU-Mountain Home – https://asumh.edu/pages/main/535/safety
• ASU Three Rivers – http://asutr.edu
• Henderson State University – https://www.hsu.edu/pages/coronavirus/

Chancellor Updates

July 30, 2020


July has come and gone and we are getting ready for the fall semester.  I know that there are thousands of questions about how we are going to operate and maintain the health and wellness of both our students and staff.  Everyone has been working diligently to develop a plan for operations and we have that plan for your review attached.  Our Healthy Campus Plan will answer many of your questions, but I am certain there will be numerous issues that will cause us to modify our plan for the situations that could not be foreseen.  I am confident we will be able to address them as they arise.

I want to remind everyone that we have changed our start of semester date to August 24th (revised calendar attached).  This will coincide with most of the public schools in our area.  As a result of this change, I wanted to provide everyone with an overview of critical dates for campus activity.  We will conclude summer hours this week and begin regular hours on August 3rd.  Offices will once again operate from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. beginning next week.  For the weeks of August 3rd and August 10th we will still have some office operations working remotely.  Doors will be unlocked for student access beginning August 10th.  We want to stagger the return to campus so that we gradually are up to full staffing by August 17th.  I also want to remind all employees that the Family First Coronavirus Response Act provides for two weeks of paid leave should you be required to stay home or be hospitalized due to the virus.  Additionally, if you are required to care for a child due to school closure, there are two weeks, plus an additional 10 weeks available of partial paid leave through the Act.  I have included a quick reference of the Act for your review.  In all cases, we will try to arrange for remote working when possible in lieu of leave.

I also wanted to remind everyone that if you possess any of the factors mentioned in the at risk health or age references to the virus, we will arrange for remote working options for you if possible.  We don't want you to jeopardize your health by being potentially exposed to someone with the virus.  If you are in this situation, I urge you to contact Lindsey in HR and arrange with both her and your supervisor a remote working plan.  

There has been an incredible amount of work accomplished by many of our ASUMH colleagues to get us ready for the start of the semester.  I stand with them in wishing each of you a safe and healthy return to our campus environment and also remind you that we stand ready to modify our plans at a moment's notice, should conditions on our campus or in our communities change.

With Warmest Regards,

Robin Myers

Arkansas State University-Mountain Home



Road restoration is underway on the ASUMH campus. Please allow extra time when coming to campus as you may need to enter the campus by another route or park in a different location.

Current Road/Parking Lot Closures (starting 9/24/2020): College Street Entrance and Wade Street Entrance, Parking lots behind Integrity First Hall and Dryer Hall. This part of the road restoration should be completed on Wednesday, September 30th, by the end of the day.

Phase 2: After College Street & Wade Street entrances have reopened, we will move on to blocking the Highway 62 entrance and King Circle toward Roller Hall and Roller Drive. Barricades will be in place.

Phase 3: After the Highway 62 entrance opens, we will be moving to the Maintenance Entrance, Maintenance & Vada Sheid Community Development Center parking lots.We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause as we continue to make needed upgrades to campus.

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I understand that students who have previously been convicted of a crime may be restricted from certain clinical facilities and may be ineligible for some state licenses.
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I understand that a current driver’s license is required prior to enrolling in a clinical or practicum course.
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