We strive to prepare students for a lifetime of professional and community contributions in an increasingly interdependent and culturally diverse world. Our faculty and staff include outstanding teachers, scientists, writers, artists, and experts in a variety of academic disciplines and technical fields, all of whom are enthusiastically committed to offering our students a superior education.
Applying to college is an exciting experience and we're delighted that you're considering Arkansas State University - Mountain Home. We want to do everything we can to answer your questions, guide you through the admissions procedure, and introduce you to ASUMH.
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Education is how dreams come true. The staff of the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office is here to help you seek the finances to make your dreams into reality. We can help you apply for assistance from a variety of sources including scholarships from ASU – Mountain Home. Come by or contact us today at (870) 508-6195.
In addition to traditional academic programs, ASUMH offers a variety of services to serve the community. Secondary Center classes are offered for students in K-12 schools in the area. Community Education classes are offered for life-long learning and are just for fun. There are no tests or grades and these short-term courses are not for credit. Workforce Training programs are often customized for business and industry and both for-credit and not-for-credit classes.
At ASUMH, our Vision of “Creating Opportunities, Changing Lives” is all about students! We have a great staff who will support you from your first phone call or visit until you complete your degree. Whatever question you may have as a current, future, or former student, we are here to help you discover answers, realize your educational dreams, find a career, and have fun in the meantime! Reach out with the first step. We’ll grab your hand from there and hold on!
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Just as the ASUMH mission has meaning for students, it also encompasses our faculty and staff. This commitment shows in our efforts to provide Lifelong Learning through professional and personal development and training opportunities, Enhanced quality of life with our robust benefits package, flexible work-life balance, and a generous leave package, Academic Accessibility through education and tuition benefits, and Diverse Experiences through a culture that is respectful and mindful of our differences, yet inclusive in recognizing our sameness and unity in purpose. Our faculty and staff live the mission of LEAD every day.

Admission & Registration


Tuition & Fees

Welcome to ASU-Mountain Home.  The cashier’s office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except for university holidays, and is located on the third floor of Roller Hall.  Students may also contact by phone at (870) 508-6125.

The Cashier's office now REQUIRES direct deposit of student refunds. Please sign and return the direct deposit form.

Tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration. Each student must pay all fees before attending classes. Payment of tuition may be made with cash, check, or credit card.  Any student who has not made payment or agreed to a payment plan by the first day of class will be withdrawn from classes.  The University reserves the right to change the amount of fees and/or to add additional fees at any time such action is deemed necessary.  Any student that has received financial aid APPROVAL prior to registration may charge tuition and fees to his/her account.

The STUDENT is responsible for all tuition and fee charges whether he/she attends class or not. Non-attendance of classes does not automatically drop/withdraw you from classes. Proper procedures for drop/withdrawal must be followed.

Any student may pay online by logging in to Campus Connect, under the "Student Information" tab click “Review/Pay Account,” select the school term/semester, click “Pay By Credit Card.”



Tuition per Credit Hour (In-State Resident) $96
Tuition per Credit Hour (Out-of-State) $163
Infrastructure Fee per Credit Hour $17
Academic Excellence Fee per Credit Hour $5
Agriculture Lab Fee (per credit hour) $25
Automotive Lab Fee (per credit hour) $25
Automotive Program Tools Rental Fee (per credit hour) $35
Biology Lab Fee (per lab course) $25
Botany Lab Fee (per lab course) $25
Certified Nursing Assistant Drug Screening Fee (CNA 1007L & 2007L) $40
Certified Nursing Assistant Malpractice Insurance (CNA 1007 & 2007) $30
Certified Nursing Assistant Testing Fee (per course) $90
Chemistry Lab Fee (per course) $25
EMT Background Check Fee (EMT 1007) $25
EMT Malpractice Insurance (EMT 1007) $30
EMT National Certification Exam Fee (EMT 1007) $70
EMT State Certification Exam Fee (EMT 1007) $20
Funeral Science Certification Exams (per credit hour) $20
Funeral Science Lab Fee (FUS 2181L, BUS* 2181L) $100
Funeral Science Malpractice Insurance (FUS 1001) $30
Geology Lab Fee (per course) $25
HVAC Lab Fee (per credit hour) $25
HVAC Program Tools Fee (per credit hour) $25
Online Fee per Credit Hour (Internet, Internet Assisted, & Distance courses) $30
Machining Lab Fee (per credit hour) $25
Paramedic Malpractice Insurance (PAR 1112) $30
Paramedic FISDAP Fee (PAR 1013) $250
Paramedic ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) (PAR 1213) $100
Paramedic AMLS (Advanced Medical Life Support) (PAR 2395) $100
Paramedic Background Fee (PAR 1104) $45
Paramedic Lab Fee (per credit hour) (PAR 1103) $25
Paramedic PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) (PAR 1105) $100
Paramedic PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support) (PAR 2395) $100
Paramedic State/National Licensure Fee (PAR 1104) $150
Phlebotomy Drug Screening Fee (PHL 1007) $40
Phlebotomy Lab Fee (PHL 1007) $25
Phlebotomy Malpractice Insurance (PHL 1007) $30
Physical Science Lab Fee (per course) $25
Placement Exam (COMPASS/ACCUPLACER) $20
Practical Nursing Drug Screening (LPN 1305) $40
Practical Nursing HESI Practice Exam (LPN 1402, 2405, 2412) $100
Practical Nursing Lab Fee (per credit hour) (LPN 1305) $25
Practical Nursing Malpractice Insurance (LPN 2914) $30
Prior Learning Application Fee $10
Prior Learning Processing Fee (per credit hour) $30
Registered Nursing Course Fee (per credit hour) $100
Registered Nursing Program Malpractice Insurance (RN 2119) $30
Returned Check Fee $25
TECH Lab Fee (per credit hour) $25
Welding Lab Fee (per course) $150

* Malpractice Insurance applied to students enrolled in: Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant Medication Assistant, Practical Nursing, Phlebotomy, Paramedic/EMT, Registered Nursing, Funeral Science Internship, and Respiratory Care. 


Outstanding Account Balance Procedures

Each student is responsible for all tuition and fees which are due and payable upon registration of classes unless a student has qualified for financial aid. Outstanding balance notices are sent annually in late October and late March.  Any student with an outstanding balance on his/her account at the end of the term is placed on a financial hold by the business office. This hold prevents the student from registering for another term until  he/she can resolve the current balance.

If the student plans to graduate and they have an outstanding balance, the Registrar's Office will contact the student and request that he/she contact the business office in regards to his/her account before allowing graduation.

If any student continues to have an outstanding balance after a term, the balance will be considered delinquent and will be sent to the State of Arkansas to be deducted from his/her state income tax. If no payment is made after this process, the account balance will be sent to collections.

Refund Schedule

No refund of tuition and/or fees is made unless a claim is made through the cashier at the time of withdraw.  Refunds apply to tuition and fees only.  ASUMH will not refund the cost of books or supplies.

Any student enrolled in courses that are cancelled will receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid for the cancelled course.

Any student who Officially withdraws from a course or the university is eligible for a refund according to the following schedule:



Term or Semester

Fall, Spring, & 1st 7-Weeks
Date & TimeRefund
Before the End of the 10th Business Day 100%
11th Day and After 0%
Summer & 2nd 7-Weeks
Date & TimeRefund
Before the End of the 5th Business Day 100%
6th Day & After 0%

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