MH Cares to distribute 800 meals Wednesday for healthcare workers in Mountain Home

On Wednesday, April 22nd, more than 800 meals will be distributed at Baxter Regional Medical Center by MH Cares.  Called "a marathon of meals to feed those who have healed us," the event is sponsored by Anstaff Bank along with Andy Farmer, Luke Glasscock, Ben Plumlee, and Geoff Smith of Edward Jones.

Three local Twin Lakes Area restaurants will be catering meals: Arena Sports Bar, Holy Smokes Barbeque, and 178 Club.                                    

Current drop off times: 

  • 200 Meals at 11 AM from The Arena
  • 200 Meals at 11:30 AM from Holy Smokes
  • 200 Meals at 12:30 PM from 178 Club
  • 200 Meals at 10 PM (66 meals from each of the three previously listed restaurants)

History and Mission of MH Cares:

The purpose of MH CARES is to raise community-sponsored dollars, using Mountain Home’s local Salvation Army as the conduit, to cater meals from local restaurants to families that have been affected by this unforeseen virus. 

The organizers of MH Cares found this need when thinking about all of the good being done - The Food Bank is providing food to young people missing meals from school; the local library is running online tutoring lessons so our children aren't left behind, and the police department has established a task force to deliver prescriptions and groceries to shut-ins.  One of the communities, or groups, falling through the cracks seemed to be the small-business restaurant owners and their staff that have been forced to close dining rooms.

In just two weeks, MH Cares raised more than $11,000 and provided 1,300 meals with limited volunteers using CDC social distancing methods. This has been accomplished in coordination with the local college, Arkansas State University-Mountain Home. The volunteer organization has catered and served 800 meals from four local restaurants, and Tuesday, April 14, volunteers delivered 500 "Taco Tuesday" meals from a local Mexican Restaurant to grocers, convenience store workers, and first responders as a thank you for continuing to serve the community. 

On Thursday, April 16, 100 vouchers from Colton's were delivered to the families of hairdressers and barbers representing 15 salon and barber shops across Mountain Home and were provided courtesy of Gilbert Realty. 

Friday, April 17, another 400 meals were purchased from Whispering Woods. Those were distributed by local churches to families in need. 

Te MH Cares project was created by identifying an underserved need, designing an easy to understand flow chart, a Facebook page, and the efforts of locals. No donor dollars have been used on advertising or marketing and yet MH CARES has still raised $11,000 in our community and will likely top $20,000 by the end of the month of April.  The Salvation Army is allowing 100% of donor funds back to the community. MH Cares intends the catered meal count to be more than 3,000 by the end of the month.

For more information, contact: Geoff Smith at 870-421-7995.

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