ASU-Mountain Home to begin offering Military Science and Leadership Courses with U.S. Army OCS GOLD program this Fall

AUGUST 10, 2020

Two new courses begin this fall at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home (ASUMH) with the U.S. Army’s Officer Candidate School (OCS) GOLD Program.  Military Science and Leadership courses focus on an introduction to the Army and critical thinking.  The military science courses, MS101 and 201, offer prospective students a way to learn about the Army and National Guard, and their benefits, without any required commitment to the Service. They will learn about the Army Profession, leadership/management skills and theory, personal development skills and resources, and get hands-on experience learning basic military skills (i.e. land navigation, map reading, basic first aid, small unit tactics, and several more).


The courses are also designed to integrate seamlessly with the student’s academic schedule for their major. Almost of the requirements for the courses are met during the scheduled time blocks, with very minimal work outside of class, except for physical training, which would be conducted in the mornings, before classes start.


ASUMH Chancellor Robin Myers said, “Everyone at ASUMH is excited to have this new opportunity available for our students.  We look forward to seeing great leaders developed through this program.”


The instruction will be led by Mason C. Jones, 1LT, Infantry OCS GOLD Program. About the program, Jones said, “Overall, it’s an opportunity for students to learn about the military and military lifestyle, gain some knowledge about leadership, and learn some useful new skills. All of which will be beneficial to them, and to their futures, whether they decide to join or not. Leadership classes and experience never look bad on a resume!”


Fall classes begin August 24 at ASUMH. For more information, contact the office of Admissions at ASUMH at 870-508-6100 or contact Mason Jones at 870-656-7557. 



ASUMH Alert: ASUMH will be closed Friday, February 19, 2021.  Students, please check every course in Blackboard as instructor plans may vary from class to class.

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