OBD Advisor ranks ASUMH’s auto mechanic program #7 in the nation

JANUARY 06, 2021

OBD Advisor ranks ASUMH’s auto mechanic program #7 in the nation

From: https://www.obdadvisor.com/auto-mechanic-schools-review/

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Automotive repair used to be straightforward and easy, such that any mechanic could keep a car in good condition for several years. However, as vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated, an auto mechanic’s job has become more technical. The knowledge and tools required for vehicle maintenance and repair are now more specialized.

Perhaps you’ve always been intrigued by the inner workings of automobiles, and you’re seeking a career in automotive mechanics. With the changing trend in cars, you’ll certainly need in-depth training about vehicle components and up-to-date information on developing technologies.

Your first step should be to enroll in a suitable auto mechanic school. With the right training, you can build a profitable career as a mechanic. However, many schools offer mechanic training programs, making it overwhelming to choose the right one.

We’ve picked out the top 75 auto mechanic schools in the US in 2020, and we ranked them to help narrow down your choice. All of these schools offer high-quality training programs that can qualify you to work in the automotive industry.

While some offer unique specializations, others have a shorter course duration. As you read on, you’ll find the training program that’s perfect for your needs.

Ranking Methodology

Since we aim to help you make the best decision, we’ll give you an insight into how we ranked these schools. We’ve used a methodology consisting of six parameters to build our ranking appropriately, and they are:


1.    Academic Reputation (30%)

●       Expert Opinions (20%)

This ranking method gives weight to a peer assessment survey of individuals in a position to judge the school’s academic performance. Top academics like presidents, provosts, deans of admission, or other officials in equivalent positions rate a school’s academic quality based on a scale. The average score of all respondents becomes the school’s peer assessment score.

●       Student Excellence (10%) 33582

A school’s academic reputation is influenced by its ability to attract students who can handle challenging college-level coursework. Therefore, average test scores on both the SAT math and evidence-based reading and writing portions and the students’ composite ACT are considered in the ranking model.

In essence, schools admitting students with strong grades and test scores during high school enable instructors to design classes with rigorous coursework. These schools will have higher rankings.

2.    Financial Resources (10%)

Financial resources are measured by the average spending per student on research, student services, academic support, and other related student expenditure. It’s also a measure of a range of school financial aid such as scholarships and grants. Generous per-student spending symbolizes that a school can offer an ample variety of programs and services.

3.    Range of Degree Programs (10.5%)

This ranking considers the range of degree levels and range of degree subjects. While some auto mechanic schools offer a two-year diploma program, others offer a four-year degree. A few even provide non-degree technical certification.

Sometimes, the four-year programs have combined majors such as a business course. These programs might be great for individuals who want to learn how to monetize their technical skills. Generally, the programs with longer durations usually have a more comprehensive range of courses and will attract higher rankings.

4.    Citation (20%)

The citation ranking refers to a school’s research influence, which is its role in spreading new knowledge and ideas. We consider the average number of times that a school’s published works are cited by scholars globally. These citations are obtained from journals, books, articles, and conference proceedings.

This ranking helps to show the contribution of each school to human knowledge. Institutions whose research stood out, or were picked up and built on by other scholars and shared globally, have higher ratings.

5.    International Outlook (7.5%)

Here, we considered the proportion of international students and international staff that a school attracts from around the world. We also looked at the proportion of international collaborations with co-authors in their research journal publications. High volumes of international outlook indicate that a school has a good reputation on the world stage.

6.    Graduation and Retention Rates (22%)

This parameter examines the average number of first-year students who returned to the same school in the following academic year. The higher the proportion of students returning and eventually graduating, the higher the school will rank. It’s an indication that they offer the right classes and services that the students need.


Top 100 Auto Mechanic Schools In The US

1.       Pittsburg State

Pittsburg, KS


2.       Weber State University

Ogden, UT


3.       Lake Area Technical Institute

Watertown, SD


4.       ATU Ozark

Ozark, AR


5.       Delhi State University of New York

Delhi, NY


6.       Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell

Roswell, NM


7.       Arkansas State University

Mountain Home, AR

About the ASUMH Program:

You want to get out of school and into the workforce as quickly and affordably as possible. At Arkansas State University, you can earn your AAS in Automotive Technology in just 3 semesters, and at a total cost of just over $10,000. You’ll learn just as much as at other schools, but you’ll learn it faster, and leave with all the tools you need to find a job.


Included Programs:

AAS in Workforce Technology – Automotive (60 credits, 3 semesters plus lab)

Technical coursework: 35 credits

Career coursework: 5 credits

Automotive lab: 8 credits

General education: 12 credits

Technical Certificate in Automotive Systems Repair (48 credits, 2 semesters plus lab)

Technical coursework: 35 credits

Career coursework: 5 credits

Automotive lab: 8 credits

Certificate of Proficiency in Automotive Systems Repair (12 credits, 1 semester)


 In-state: $267/credit

Out-of-state: $552/credit

Why study here?

The fast-paced program lets you earn an AAS in 18 months

Full hands-on lab eases the transition into the workplace

Students leave with their own repair toolkit


Program is intensive

Not as flexible for part-time students



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