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FEBRUARY 02, 2021

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ASUMH is consistently ranked among the best colleges in the state and nation.  Various ranking platforms use different criteria to determine a college's score, and recently, ranked ASUMH #8 in the state based on academics and affordability.  

Minimum Requirements
Each school must be an accredited public or private, nonprofit institution.
Must primarily grant two-year associate degrees.
Must be located in the given state.
Must submit an annual report to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Ranking Factors
Academics - 60% of total score
  • Full-Time Retention Rate
  • Part-Time Retention Rate
  • Graduation Rate + Transfer Rate

Affordability - 40% of total score
  • Average Net Price
  • Percentage of Enrolled Students Taking Federal Loans

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Mandatory Password Reset for All ASUMH Users

Passwords were reset for all ASUMH users at 7:25 pm, April 21, 2022. If you reset your password before this time, please reset it again, and then you should be able to access your email and portal information.

If you are unable to login on an ASUMH-issued laptop, use your phone or another computer and go to to reset your password.

If you do not know your ASUMH ID, please call 870-508-6101 to verify that.

If you have any questions, please contact ASUMH IT at or call 870-508-6223. Please leave a voicemail, as they are likely helping other students and faculty.  A voicemail will immediately notify the staff that you have issues you are unable to resolve.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Still have questions?

A password reset server is available for you to change your password 24/7. Please use the following link to reset your password:
If you are logged onto a campus computer, you can use CTRL-ALT-delete and then "Change a Password" to set a new password. If you still have trouble with the login, please call the ASU System Help Desk at (870) 701-0523.

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