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Workforce Education

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Linking Education, Work, and Training

ASUMH Workforce Education focuses on building and improving the technical and employability skills of existing and future employees. As businesses and manufacturing firms become more advanced, the need for technically skilled individuals becomes more evident. ASUMH Workforce Education serves employers and students through these organizational challenges with customized training.


Workforce Education at ASUMH empowers people to move toward a better paying job in industries that are in need of qualified employees:

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Boat manufacturing

  • Business

  • Customer Service

  • Healthcare

  • HVAC Welding

  • Welding

  • And more!

Workforce Education can take you from wherever you are now to a promising career that provides a living wage and prospects for advancement


Throughout the year, Workforce Education offers a multitude of non-credit training that prepares you for the workforce. Click here for a schedule of currently available classes.


The Ready2Work program is the result of a partnership between local business and industry and education. Human resource professionals and ASUMH faculty and staff researched and collaborated to develop a program that prepares students for the workforce and assists industry in identifying new hires who demonstrate employability skills demanded by the workforce.

The Ready2Work Employability Certificate:

  • Documents your understanding of the skills required for success in the workplace, AND

  • Guarantees an interview at participating employers for positions where you meet the qualifications.

Students interested in earning the certificate should contact the Workforce Education Director.


Workforce Education facilitates internships offered by local employers. While these opportunities are limited, they provide a valuable education for those students selected.


Workforce Education provides various support services to local employers. This can include development of customized training, facilitating internships, providing onboarding services, and hosting hiring events.


Workforce Education coordinates customized instruction to improve employee productivity through professional development and/or boost technical skills. Some businesses may even qualify for grants that may substantially reduce the cost of this type of training. To discuss customized training options for your company, contact the Workforce Education Director.


Local human resource professionals have partnered with Arkansas State University Mountain Home to identify the employability skills needed for all employees, no matter where they work. The result is the creation of a Ready2Work curriculum that is imbedded in all Business, Computer Information Systems, and Technical Center programs.

Ready2Work is a partnership between ASU Mountain Home and local business and industry.ASUMH holds students accontable to the strict requirements of the Ready2Work program. Only students who successfully fulfill all the requirements receive the Ready2Work EmployabilityCertificate.

Employers who participate in the program agree to interview any applicant who presents the Ready2Work Employability Certificate and is qualified for a current opening within the company.

If your company is interested in joining this partnership, contact Workforce Education today!


Serving as a facilitator, Workforce Education pairs employers with potential interns for a fixed period of time when their services are requested by an employer. If your company is looking forqualified interns, Workforce Education would appreciate an opportunity to assist you.


ASUMH assists new and existing industries in conducting community hiring events.

Janel Cotter
Director of Workforce Education

Peggy Spiegel
Administrative Specialist

ASUMH Secondary Technical Center
4034 US-62
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Contact Info

Janel Cotter
Director of Workforce Education

Peggy Spiegel
Administrative Specialist

ASUMH Secondary Technical Center
4034 US-62
Mountain Home, AR 72653



Faculty will be delivering all of the coursework for the semester online beginning March 17th.  The Tech Center has a new, improved WiFi service in the parking lot, thanks to Yelcot Communications. Students are encouraged to use this lot instead of the main campus parking lots when completing assignments. 

ASUMH has closed all offices except emergency operations on the campus.  Emergency operations personnel will perform their necessary functions on-site, but all other personnel will work remotely.  

Additionally, public schools will not be in session before April 20th.  We will remain in online-only instruction until that date or until further notification.

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