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Dr. Terri Anderson Faculty - History View Profile
Sara Anderson Administrative Specialist - Student Services View Profile
Dr. Rebecca Baird Faculty - English View Profile
Robert Baker Institutional Services Assistant - Dryer Hall View Profile
Michael Barnes Faculty - Computer Programming View Profile
Stephanie Beaver Recruiter View Profile
Paul Beck Institutional Services Assistant - Gotaas Hall View Profile
David Bendler Faculty - Mathematics View Profile
Tim Bentley Faculty - Criminal Justice View Profile
Clay Berry Director of Financial Aid View Profile
Kimberlee Booth Project Program Specialist View Profile
Tina Bradley Library Director View Profile
Matt Buel Funeral Science Program Director View Profile
Kelli Camp Faculty - RN Program View Profile
Shawna Case Computer Operator/Programmer View Profile
Jessica Clanton Faculty - Physical Science View Profile
Amy Clark SIM Lab Director View Profile
Troy Closs Maintenance Assistant View Profile
Nikki Connelly Adult Ed - Instructor/Baxter County View Profile
Christopher Constantine Admissions Coordinator View Profile
Janel Cotter Director of Workforce Development View Profile
Rickey Crawford Project Specialist/Technical Director View Profile
Dr. Cyndi Crisel Faculty - Psychology View Profile
David Cullipher Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness View Profile
Tamara Daniel Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs View Profile
Alathea Daniels Tutor (Part-time) View Profile
Jacob Davis Administrative Specialist - Special Events View Profile
Shawn Dennis Faculty - Computer Networking View Profile
Mary Douglas Executive Assistant - Chancellor View Profile
Dr. Eddie Dry Faculty - Life Science View Profile
Cindy Duncan Transcript Evaluator/Comm. Cord for students View Profile
Dr. Robert Dyer Faculty - Chemistry & Physics View Profile
Jackie Edmonds Director of Career Pathways View Profile
Carolyn Ellis Administrative Specialist - Health Sciences View Profile
LeQuita Foster Assistant Director of Financial Aid View Profile
Aaron Fouraker Faculty - Mechatronics/Machining View Profile
Matt Franklin Faculty - Mathematics View Profile
Mindy Fulcher Faculty - Computer Graphics & Design View Profile
Dr. Julia Gist Dean of Health Sciences View Profile
Elesha Grannis VA Rep View Profile
Jennifer Harris Administrative Specialist - School of Business & Technology/School of Arts & Sciences View Profile
Rick Hastings Faculty - Welding View Profile
Lucy Haun Faculty - PN Program View Profile
Mary Jo Haworth Admissions Analyst View Profile
Roberta Heldenbrand Payroll/Purchasing Technician View Profile
Kelly Henderson Heating & Air Specialist View Profile
Karen Heslep Dean of Business & Technology View Profile
Karen Hickerson Institutional Services Assistant - Roller Hall View Profile
Melanie Hodges Faculty - Developmental Studies View Profile
Jeremy Hodges Information Systems Analyst View Profile
Sherrie Hughes Administrative Specialist - VA (Financial Aid) View Profile
Christy Keirn Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing & Community Relations View Profile
Alex Kiefer Skilled Trades Worker View Profile
William Kimbriel Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs View Profile
Cindy Kirksey Faculty - CIS/Online Coordinator View Profile
Melissa Klinger Director of Academic Success View Profile
Matt Klinger Faculty - Physical Education View Profile
Laura Knox Faculty - Education View Profile
Heather LaGoy Library Technician - Cataloging View Profile
Jamie Landry Adult Ed - Instructor/Marion County View Profile
Danielle Lee Adult Ed - Instructor/Baxter & Marion County View Profile
Cathy Leppold Faculty - RN Program View Profile
Nathan Lueck Director of Secondary Center View Profile
Denise Malloy Faculty - PN Program View Profile
Leann McGovern Administrative Specialist - Funeral Science (Part-time) View Profile
Lorie McMaster Career Pathways Support Facilitator View Profile
Tonya McMillan Administrative Specialist - Administrative Affairs (Part-time) View Profile
Carolyn Moody Adult Ed - GED Examiner/Marion County View Profile
Mollie Morgan Development Officer View Profile
Dr. Clement Mulloy Faculty - History View Profile
Dr. Robin Myers Chancellor View Profile
Emily Noblin Faculty - English View Profile
Jeremy Oakes Computer Support Technician View Profile
Katy Page Admininstrative Specialist - Provost/VC for Academic Affairs View Profile
Deb Peterson Community Ed. Coordinator (Part-Time) View Profile
Lacie Pharis Administrative Assistant - Development (Part-time) View Profile
Lindsey Powers Administrative Specialist - Human Resources View Profile
Shelia Priest Faculty - Sociology View Profile
Brandy Proctor Faculty - Developmental Studies View Profile
Kristina Radivojevich Faculty - Biology View Profile
Debbie Ralph Director of Operations View Profile
Shane Rice Institutional Services Assistant - McClain Hall View Profile
Jill Roach Faculty - Life Science View Profile
Jenna Robbins Director of Adult Ed View Profile
Nickey Robbins Director of Maintenance View Profile
Dr. Jennifer Rowe Student Retention Specialist View Profile
Linda Ryan Faculty - CNA View Profile
Cindi Schultz Administrative Specialist - Maintenance View Profile
Deborah Shaw Assistant Registrar View Profile
Kevin Shubert Skilled Trades Worker View Profile
Robert Shurley Faculty - Mathematics View Profile
Jason Simons Digital Media Manager View Profile
Jessica Sisco Faculty - English View Profile
Sarah Smith Health Science Coordinator View Profile
Peggy Spiegel Administrative Specialist - Workforce Development View Profile
Tamya Stallings Director of Computer Services View Profile
Paul Stepp Faculty - Automotive View Profile
Charles Summers Education Talent Search View Profile
Rita Swafford Fiscal Support Specialist - Cashier View Profile
Paul Swanson Faculty - Mechatronics View Profile
Cole Taylor Library Technician - Circulation Desk View Profile
Dee Teague Institutional Services Supervisor - Integrity First View Profile
Nancy Tester Adult Ed - Instructor View Profile
Kellie Thomas Faculty - English View Profile
Laurie Thomas Digital Services Coordinator View Profile
Michael Thomas Faculty - English View Profile
Leda Thompson Faculty - Business Technology View Profile
Curtis Traylor Faculty - Automotive View Profile
George Truell Student Services Coordinator View Profile
Richard Wages Skilled Trades Supervisor View Profile
Theressa Walker Faculty - Business/Management View Profile
Beth Whitfield Dean of Arts & Sciences View Profile
Doug Wintle Clinical Coordinator/EMS Instructor View Profile
Jennifer Wood Administrative Specialist - Admissions (Part-time) View Profile
Laura Yarbrough Vice Chancellor for Operations View Profile
Tonya Young Faculty - EMT/Paramedic View Profile


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